MedaxGroup specialises in aesthetic, medical and beauty equipment. We’ve been in business in Germany for over 15 years, providing complex equipment of beauty salons and all levels medical institutions.
MedaxGroup is happy to offer the new thoughts and conceivable outcomes for organizing the center point of equipment cosmetology, SPA salon, beauty and health foundations depending on purpose, individual requirement of the Client and the accessible budget.
That will enable you to grow the scope of the services offered, making your training progressively, successful and productive.
MedaxGroup offers the most broad and assorted range of modern cutting edge medical, cosmetological and SPA hardware for taking care of aesthetic problems. Products are accessible in various prices and are designed to suit every financial plan and budget. However, products are in every case just the best, well-proven equipment of the world's leading manufacturers.
Our company keeps doing developments, taking after the modern technologies around the world to assist to our Clients to integrate them. When doing business with Clients, we offer an extensive approach to perform the Client' tasks, including:
  • primary consultations and recommendations
  • help to choose most suitable equipment
  • delivery
  • commissioning
  • warranty and service maintenance
MedaxGroup gives training to representatives to work with equipment properly and do procedures correctly, provides the necessary methodical manuals and also perform promotional and informational support to its Clients.